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The Ghostbuster

August 17, 2018

James Floyd

As you can imagine GG have plenty of stories to be told but it’s fair to say that James has one of the best. We would best describe this as “A Hazardous Faux pas”

James joined the company in 1999 where he slipped right into the servicing department alongside Nick Gamblin. James has gone from strength to strength throughout the years now firmly cementing his role as Servicing Manager. It hasn’t been a completely smooth ride for James; unfortunately he became the subject of the most memorable “prank” in GG history.

James hadn’t long been with the company and was running errands, helping out where he could. It wasn’t long before he was sent on his first mission, to collect a “Power Pack with high volumes of radiation” In order to collect this highly dangerous Power pack James was advised to wear a paint suit to ensure his safety (on a very warm summers day) On route James had to get fuel for the van which unsurprisingly raised some eyebrows. Worse yet for James our Hydraulic supplier was also in on the act and were very conscious he was careful! Needless to say we don’t think this will be a day soon forgotten by James or the lady behind the till who encountered a Ghostbuster and said “pump number 2 please”


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