Fearing the Paperless World!

As every years starts we all begin by looking at new projects, with this in mind GG have decided to try and cut down/remove all paper documents. Although we would love to be completely paperless we all appreciate the importance of paperwork and procedures that being said we can at least give our customers the option.

Going paperless brings many benefits to any businesses budgets not to mention the environmental benefits. It is commonly known that any small business uses less energy when printers, faxes, and copiers are inactive and that’s just the start. The savings of being paperless extends beyond purchasing paper, which let’s be honest cuts a hole in the budget. Costings of other office supplies such as ink cartridges also start to diminish.

There are many more factors to be had by going paperless; contacting customers is much faster and obviously less expensive. Simply having a customer email list can drastically change the speed of which we want to send services, special offers, events and big news without incurring any additional postage or printing costs. How about having all the files you need on the go… most people these days have tablets, smart phones and so on, we don’t need those files and brochures anymore!

It is largely seen now that most businesses are decreasing the paper pollution and increasing the amount being recycled. A simple solution to increase your recycling efforts would be to introduce the idea of baling paper/card. Even a small baler can help increase how much paper is being recycled and potentially the opportunity to earn from your recycled paper is available. Knowing the changes that are happening to keep our environment healthier it would be silly not to march forward with the rest! GG will now be starting our paperless project!

Check out Archive Storages helpful guide to going paperless.

If you would like to enquire about baling paper give the team a call today!

Feb 15, 2017
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